5 USB-C headphones for your all new Google Pixel 2 under $40 on Amazon

Are you extremely excited to finally have your hands on one of the best smartphones of 2017? The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL arrived on doorsteps yesterday for those of you who pre-ordered the new device, but sadly, they didn’t come with a set of USB-C earbuds that are compatible with your beautiful new phones. The phones did come with an included USB-C to 3.5mm audio dongle, but it’s easy to lose and not the most optimal way to enjoy your music. There are thousands of Bluetooth options to choose from, but there’s a vast majority of you who hate to charge one more accessory, let alone trying to shove the large earbuds in your small ear canals.

Amazon has a growing selection of USB-C earbuds ready for your consumption, and luckily you don’t have to sacrifice your arm or leg to get your hands on them.

Here are five of the best selling USB-C headphones under $40.

SunWe Type C headphone – $21.99 at Amazon

For $22, you’re getting quite a set of USB-C earbuds. These come with an inline Sony DAC built into them to take advantage of the extra power output generated from the USB-C port. The SunWe earbuds are small, lightweight and have a beautiful metallic finish that punches above its weight-class in design and functionality.

Smart&Cool USB-C Earbuds – $19.99 at Amazon

Braided cables make this one ultra-durable set of USB-C headphones. If you’re a gamer or movie enthusiast, these Smart&Cool USB-C earbuds can simulate 3D sound with 5.1 digital surround sound. That’s unheard of in earbuds this small, but that’s one of the advantages of using the USB-C port on the Pixel 2.

VIOTEK Aqua USB-C Stereo Earbuds – $39.99 at Amazon

Tiny 8mm drivers power incredible 100dB sound output with these VioTek USB-C headphones. These earbuds are made of premium materials, Ceramic to be specific, to minimize distortion for crystal clear audio. These USB-C earbuds also comes with an extra long 47″ ensuring your phone stays in your pocket if you happen to snag them on something. The cable is also covered in a braided sleeve to ensure long-lasting usage.

Eamplest Type C Earphones – $19.89 at Amazon

The Eamplest Type-C earbuds come loaded with tech. Not only do they have an inline Sony DAC for premium playback, but these also feature digital noise cancelling to drown out the drones of airplanes, trains and cars on your commute. They also look great in silver and white which will look fantastic paired up with your all new Pixel 2.

Morjava Type C in-ear Sport Headphones – $19.99 at Amazon

If you’re the active type, these are the USB-C earbuds for you. These come with built-in water resistance so they can withstand your toughest workouts without failing with you drop sweat all over them. These also feature adaptive noise control to let in the noise that can keep you safe when you’re out on a run. Best of all, they’re less than $20, which is the same cost as some dongles (we’re looking at your Google).

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  1. All of these have overly negative reviews (more 1 star than any other star) with most of the negative reviews stating that they don’t work with the pixel 2 or 2XL. Did yall even test any of these or just go for random things you found on amazon?

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