Why you should be using Safari on your MacBook instead of Chrome

If you have a relatively new MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air you should have been prompted to update your software to the latest macOS, High Sierra. High Sierra made quite a few updates and changes to the macOS software and some of those enhancements are focused on battery life and browser improvements in Safari. I’m not biased towards Apple or Google, I think both are great companies who make exceptional products.

Chrome is a battery hog

As a MacBook Pro user at home, I’ve found that Safari gets me much better battery life than Chrome. It’s well-known in the tech industry that Chrome is a battery hog on Macbooks and can even drain the battery by more than an hour when compared to Safari. Chrome uses more CPU power to perform the same functions as Safari. Some of it is due to Chrome’s priority on speed, and because of this, your processor will work harder than it should. Because Chrome hogs so much CPU power, it can also slow down other programs on your MacBook if there are multiple Chrome tabs open.

Safari is engineered specifically for Mac which means it works better on a Mac than on any other computer platform. It offers native support for Netflix and plays HTML5 video whenever it’s available. You can browse up to two hours longer on Netflix on Safari than on Chrome and Firefox.

High Sierra Safari Blocks auto-loading videos

Apple doesn’t monetize ads the way Google does and as a result is better at ad-blocking in Safari than in Chrome. Apple went as far as making it incredibly easy to stop those super annoying auto-play video ads that ruin your online experience. You can follow these simple steps to enable auto-play to disable in Safari here. This is a feature that is not native in Chrome and requires third-party extensions that most people don’t want to deal with. For this feature alone, I highly recommend Safari over Chrome on Macbooks.

Safari is now the fastest browser on High Sierra

According to Apple, Safari is now the fastest browser to use on High Sierra. It backs it up with stats on its website, but more importantly in real-world tests, users are reporting similar results.

As an Android user I love Chrome, but on my MacBook Pro, there’s nothing better than Safari when it comes to web browsing. If you’re a Macbook user and consider battery life an important factor, make sure you’re using Safari over Chrome. Not only is Safari faster, but it’s also much more power efficient.

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