HURU: The Ultimate Travel Backpack

If you are a frequent traveler or just commute to work everyday, you might be interested in HURU, a premium quality, expandable, water-resistant backpack. HURU is designed to be the ultimate city and travel backpack making it the only bag you’ll ever need to carry all your essentials.

Premium quality meets versatility

HURU is built to withstand anything you put in front of it. HURU is made with CORDURA fabric, commonly found in US army gear such as ballistic vests, parachute containers, and recon packs. This durable fabric is water-resistant making sure your belongings stay dry in the rain or snow. There is even a special compartment, which houses a water-resistant hood to put over your head and backpack.

Water-resistant material

HURU is versatile in terms of space. The backpack can expand from 24 liters all the way up to 40 liters. This gives ample room for clothes, tech essentials, shoes, and anything else you need for your travels or commute. Over-sized items such as a skateboard are no problem for the HURU. A roll-up compartment allows you to store items up to 20.6 inches high.

HURU is small enough to fit in any overhead compartment on an airplane, which takes the headache out of travelling. A fantastic feature worth noting is the HURU opens like a suitcase. This makes packing your clothes and belongings much easier compared to a traditional backpack.

Suitcase style opening

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic backpack designs are vital when you are carrying heavy loads for an extended period of time. HURU has a lateral stiffness plastic base, which helps to spread the load across the entire back. This decreases the pressure put on the spine and shoulders, which are compromised by backpack usage. Detachable chest and waist supports offer additional support for heavy loads.

For smaller items, you might want to use the detachable HURU belt that transforms into a detachable fanny pack. This is perfect for carrying the bare essentials such as a portable battery, cellphone, keys, headphones, sunglasses, and wallet. You can throw the HURU belt over your shoulder like a sling instead of wearing it like a classic fanny pack.

Detachable fanny pack

Additional Features

HURU has many different compartments with various intended functions. There is a heat-insulating compartment for drinks to keep beverages cold during hot days and keep your coffee piping hot. A separate sleeve compartment fits up to a 15-inch laptop for easy access. Secret pockets are located on the HURU strap to store valuables such as keys, credit cards, or passports.

Heat-insulating compartment

HURU is looking to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter to being mass production. At the time of this article, HURU is already at $9,961. The first 60 early-bird supporters can reserve one for $249. Click here to check out HURU on Kickstarter!

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