60 QHD Neon Wallpapers perfect for high-contrast AMOLED displays

If you own a Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Galaxy Note 4, 5, 8, S7, S7 Edge, S8 or S8+, you know exactly how fantastic AMOLED displays are. Their high-contrast ratio is unmatched by any other display lighting technology and even had to join the AMOLED bandwagon with its next generation iPhone X. Apple claims its display is the best AMOLED display ever, but it’s nothing we’re not used to hearing from the company who makes best of claims on all of its products. Nonetheless, AMOLED displays have the unique ability to control light through each pixel. Due to that unique feature it can offer true blacks that LCD displays can’t match. Images or videos with lots of color and light against a dark background show off the true high-contrast potential of the AMOLED display technology. We’ve gathered 60 QHD images of neon lights in order to show off the tech behind your screen.

These 60 QHD Neon Light Wallpapers are of the highest QHD resolution so they will look spectacular as a background on your smartphones or tablets with AMOLED displays. In order to save space on our servers, we’ve uploaded all of the wallpapers to a free public Google Photos Gallery for you to enjoy anytime your heart wants a change on your phone.

To view the complete gallery of wallpapers, click on the link below.

Gallery of 60 QHD Wallpapers perfect for AMOLED 2k displays

Here’s a small sample of wallpapers.


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