Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Transparent Protective Cover: Fits like a glove and is just $20 (review)

Dropping $950 on the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a hard pill to swallow. However, it rewards us with ultra-fast speeds, the best display ever (no matter what Apple claims), awesome S-Pen functionality, great battery life, wireless charging and functionality you won’t find on any other phone. Naturally, the first accessory we research to purchase for our Note 8 is protection. With hundreds of cases to choose from, it might be easy to go with what’s cheapest. Note fans are discerning though – they want the best for the best phone. At deTeched, we’re big fans of OEM cases (we love third-party cases too) because they usually fit best and are designed slightly better than the competition. We got our hands on the Note 8 Transparent Protective Cover and are here to tell you about it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Transparent Protective Cover: Design and Use

The Note 8 Transparent Protective Cover is designed to protect your smartphone from minor drops while allowing the beauty of the device to shine through. It’s a slim hard case made from high-grade plastic that combines edge to edge plastic protection with minimal bulkiness to show off the most of your phone’s design. It’s very easy to hold and offers added grip to the otherwise slippery Note 8.

It slides onto the Note 8 with ease, offering no sense of fitting too tight or too loose. It fits like a glove like all other OEM Samsung cases. I originally used the Rugged Protective Cover from Samsung on the Note 8, but wanted to see what this slim case offered instead. Upon installing the case I noticed how nice it felt in hand. It added minimal bulk to the large Note 8 and made it feel even more comfortable than going caseless. I also really liked being able to charge my Note 8 wireless again. The Rugged Cover was too thick to allow for wireless charging.

I also liked that the case has raised edges around the top and bottom, which protects the display from scratches when placed face down. Being clear allows me to appreciate the beautiful design of the Note 8 too.

The downside to this case is its glossy back. Similar to the Note 8, this case is a fingerprint magnet. That might bother some of you with oily or dirty hands, but I don’t mind wiping it down now and then to reveal the beauty of the Note 8 underneath.

This OEM case is quite affordable with a $19.99 MSRP. It’s not the most rugged case you can get for your Note 8, but it is one of the slimmest and best looking. It’s easily one of my favorite cases so far for the Note 8 and if you’re not overly prone to dropping your phone, this might be the case for you.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Transparent Protective Cover can be purchased at Best Buy, Amazon, and Samsung.

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