Become An Expert Chef With Tasty (App Review)

Developer: BuzzFeed
Price: Free

(Unfortunately, Buzzfeed hasn’t released a Tasty app for Android yet).

I’m really bad at cooking. What makes this even more of a problem is that I’m in college now, and living in an apartment next year. Bye bye, meal plan.

Luckily, Buzzfeed released a cooking app called Tasty, which compiles all of the Tasty videos on their website into an easy-to-use app. Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos are extremely popular, as POV-style instructional food videos have taken the internet by storm. You might have seen one or two of them online — consider “Sliders 4 Ways,” which has been viewed 194 million times on Facebook alone.

Using The App

Upon opening Tasty’s home page, you’ll see a huge selection of cooking videos, from vegetarian options and desserts to food-specific recipes like avocado.

There are a lot of videos to go through. If you’re not sure what you want to cook, you can narrow it down by using the search bar at the top. You can add specifications like “5 Ingredients or Less,” “Happy Hour,” “Dairy-Free,” “Easy” or “Under 30 Minutes.”

Once you find a video that suits your fancy, you’ll be able to see all of the details about the recipe. You can watch the video if you’re more of a visual learner (or if you just want to be entertained), or scroll down for a complete list of ingredients and measurements. You also have the option to export the ingredients list if you plan on going grocery shopping later.

If you’d rather see all of the cooking instructions at once instead of following the video, you can scroll all the way down for a list of preparation steps.

You may notice that there are little “play” icons next to some of the steps. Tap on those to pull up a video clip of just that specific step of the cooking process.

Last but not least, there is a Step-by-step mode you can choose at the bottom of your screen if you want to follow along while you cook. The app even keeps your phone awake so you don’t have to worry about it falling asleep while you make your next culinary masterpiece. All you have to do is swipe right.

At the top left corner of each page, there’s the option to like a recipe to save it for later. Just log in with Facebook to access this feature.

In addition to your likes, you can also access the app settings on the “My Recipes” page. This is where you can change details such as the measurement system or turn on Vegetarian mode.

Final Thoughts

The Tasty app is one of my favorite apps out there. It’s simple and easy to navigate, and gives you various options on how to follow a certain recipe. The videos are short, fun and entertaining to watch, and with over 1,700 videos, the selection is seemingly endless.


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