Use this awesome Chrome extension to correct your grammar & spelling errors

Even the most experienced of writers make mistakes sometimes in their writing. It’s something inevitable, especially in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. Unfortunately, it can be rather embarrassing sometimes when a glaringly obvious mistake slips your sight, and all your coworkers and even your boss sees it.

There’s a chance you’ve seen those Grammarly adverts on YouTube before. Like everyone else, I simply skipped these adverts the first few times. It eventually dawned on me that a service like Grammarly that corrects all my writing mistakes may not be such a bad idea.

The Grammarly Chrome extension that was advertised was surprisingly easy to install: I simply clicked on YouTube’s advert and it took me straight to a sign-up page. After entering a password and email, I was redirected to the download page which automagically added the Grammarly extension in a couple of seconds. Now I could use the checker for writing emails, writing on blogs and even for instant messaging, provided I am in the Chrome browser. There’s also a desktop version, which enables Grammarly to check your writing on the entire computer.

The extension is free, but you can get a premium version which reveals even more errors in one’s work.

In the week that I have been using it, Grammarly has been a superb writing partner. There are even errors which I never knew were errors before I started using it, and now my writing looks more professional than before.

But the best part is that it is not intrusive. Despite the fact that has access to displaying pop ups in your writing area, it has never once annoyed me or got in my way. It only shows itself when you make a mistake. The only sign you’ll see of it is, is a small green circle in your text area, letting you know that it is there and that it is ready to help you when necessary.

I would recommend Grammarly for everyone, be it a school kid or the CEO of a large company. You can download and find more about Grammarly over here, on its website. You should consider the desktop version as well.

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