How to cancel recurring subscriptions on iPhones and iPads (tutorial)

Apple makes it very easy to subscribe to services like Netflix, Hulu, Evernote, Spotify and similar like products on your iPhones or iPads through iTunes and the App Store. It’s a nice option to have at your fingertips as it expedites the process of creating an account on each site and paying for individual subscriptions. With many subscriptions however, users lose interest and need to cancel their service. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t make it quite as intuitive to cancel subscription services in comparison to the ease for signing up for them.

If you find yourself no longer wanting a subscription that you’ve signed up for through your iPhone or iPad, we’ve got instructions on how to cancel them using your devices.

Instructions for cancelling subscriptions through your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings App
  2. Click on iTunes & App Store
  3. Tap the email address (Apple ID) you use for the subscription
  4. Next click on Subscriptions
  5. Click on the subscription you want to end and then hit cancel

While subscribing through iTunes is very easy to do, it comes at a cost. Most services charge an additional fee for going through iTunes or the App Store. If you want to save money you should certainly take the extra time to sign up for each service directly.

It’s also a good practice to regularly visit your iTunes account to revisit what you’re paying for. A subscription to several services can add up to a costly fee each month. A majority of services are on a month to month payment period, which means if you consume everything you’re interested on Netflix, you can cancel and come back later. I do this regularly with apps like Hulu when there are less shows to watch during the summer. I also reactivate my subscription to HBO GO in that same time frame when Game of Thrones makes its way back onto TV screens and catch up on Silicon Valley at the same time.

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