Create The Perfect Photo With Photo Editor By Aviary (App Review)

Photo Editor by Aviary
Photo Editor by Aviary
Developer: Aviary
Price: Free+
Photo Editor by Aviary
Photo Editor by Aviary
Developer: Aviary, Inc.
Price: Free+

With the rise of social media, people are always looking to craft the perfect photo. However, not everyone is a professional photographer. If you’re looking for a high quality photo-editing app to raise your photo game from a 5 to a 10, then Photo Editor by Aviary is the way to go. It has endless features for users to explore and create with, from filters, creative stickers, and frames to touch-up tools and lighting adjustments.

Enhancing Your Photo

The first and probably most useful tool is the option to enhance your photo based on your subject. You can choose from high-definition, scenery, food, portrait and night mode, and each mode will make slight edits to your photo automatically. By using portrait mode on this photo of my dog, the app brightened the photo, enhanced colors, and gave my dog a softer, blemish-free look.

Choosing a Filter

Using a filter is a great way to enhance the colors of your photo. Photo Editor by Aviary has a nice range of filters to choose from, but not too many to the point where they all start to look the same. Each of the app’s filters offer something new to your creation, and once you select a filter, you can adjust the strength of its effect on a sliding scale.

Adding Text, Drawings and Stickers

Photo Editor by Aviary’s sticker packs are one of my favorite features. You can choose from a wide range of colorful glasses, hats, and accessories, or get more creative with sticker art — stars, hearts, speech bubbles, small designs and more. From there, you can easily adjust the angle, opacity and size of your stickers as well.

The app also makes adding text to your photo simple. You can choose from a wide range of fonts, and change the color, size and orientation of your text to however you please.

You can also draw over your pictures with the drag of a finger to adjust the size, opacity, and color of your stroke.

Making Memes

In a world where anything can go viral, Photo Editor by Aviary even has the ability to create in-app memes. Because memes all have a standard “look” to them, the font size and style are already chosen for you. All you have to do is type in the text you wish to see on the top and bottom of your photo, and just like that, your quality meme is ready to be shared.

Frames and Overlays

Photo Editor by Aviary also has a big selection of free frames and overlays to add that final touch to your photo. The app comes with two frame and overlay packs that are pre-downloaded, but you can add even more to your app by installing more packs that catch your eye for free.

Final Remarks

These are just some of the highlighted features in Photo Editor by Aviary. The app also comes with other standard editing options like cropping, removing red-eye, and adjusting the orientation, lighting, sharpness, and blur of your photo. You can even remove blemishes and whiten teeth with the tap of a finger.

I don’t like having a lot of apps on my phone, so having Photo Editor by Aviary gives me every tool I need to create great photos, all in once place. The app is free, easy to use, well-organized and comes with a variety of editing tools that Instagram could only dream of.

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