Need a cheap phone? Get the LG G5 for only $225

While the G5 isn’t one of LG’s biggest accomplishments, it is still a decent offer if you want a quick buy and aren’t too picky. While the original selling price of around $650 was a bit high for some,  the smartphone can be had for new under $300 if you look carefully enough online.

One such deal is currently selling the G5 on eBay for just under $225, an excellent opportunity to pick up a gift or spare phone in case your S8 shatters.

The unit on offer is the unlocked, T-Mobile variant. As for color option, you’ll have to settle for silver. It should be mentioned that a limited number of units are available.There is also no information on when the promotion ends, but we’re assuming that it’s when the units are depleted.

While you may have your doubts about eBay, the seller is in the Top Rated Plus category. Paying via PayPal grants you protection in the event that something goes wrong as well.

The phone can be viewed here on eBay. In the event that stocks run dry, there are several other accounts also selling the G5 at a slightly higher price.

It should be mentioned that deTeched has no affiliate links with the seller and does not necessarily directly support eBay or the seller.

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