Amazon Alexa can keep the air clean and healthy with the Awair Glow

Having clean air in this day in age is a blessing. You basically need to live in rural areas or remote cities to get clean air and for everyone else, you’re breathing the polluted stuff. While most people have healthy immune systems to filter dirty air, others with asthma, COPD, allergies or other airborne diseases struggle to get through those days when the air is bad. High pollen counts, excessive dryness or pollution can make it difficult to breathe, sleep and live.

Awair, a company founded based on the founder’s child’s needs. His baby was suffering was eczema which was closely related to the quality of the air surrounding her. He responded to her needs by creating an air quality monitor that could track temperature, humidity, CO2, chemicals and dust called the Awair Glow. There’s even been a surge in recent scientific studies backing up the need to monitor the air quality closer. The EPA even has a page dedicated to indoor air quality on its website found here. While most people don’t have a need to monitor the air quality, there are people who suffer through poor air quality because they simply think there is nothing they can do about it.

Now they can monitor the air quality and they can even integrate it with their Amazon Alexa smart devices. The Awair Glow can control “non-smart” devices like fans, humidifiers and heaters by plugging them into the Glow.

By integrating with Alexa, the Awair Glow can control devices with simple voice commands, or better yet it can automate those products to improve the air quality with simple IFTTT commands. This is a major step in improving the overall air quality which in turn improves the quality of life for those who suffer with air related issues.

The Awair Glow can be purchased on and Amazon for $109.99 and the Awair app can be downloaded in the Play Store and the App Store.

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