Interesting facts about the smartphone that changed the world

Happy 10th Birthday iPhone. When a child reaches the age of 10 it still has a long time to grow and evolve. However, when the most revolutionary phone in smartphone history turns 10, it’s making billions of dollars and has changed the way we live our lives (for most of us).

The first iPhone holds a place in my heart as the most memorable phone of all time. I remember seeing it on the first day it was released, and being so enamored I dropped $599 the next morning to take it home with me. I even dropped my contract with Verizon to use the iPhone since it was an AT&T exclusive device, and I’m still an AT&T customer because of it. The iPhone was highly limited in its first edition – it only ran on the EDGE 2G network and didn’t have an app store. What it did have was very useful: music, SMS, web browsing, a camera, maps and the ability to play YouTube videos. While this seemed like a whole bunch of useless tech to my friends and family, I knew it would make my life a lot easier. What’s ironic with the hundreds of millions of apps available in the App Store and Google Play Store, is the basic functionality of the first iPhone is what I mainly use my phone for today. Steve Jobs had a vision of the future and it’s still shaping the world we live in 10 years later.

Going back to the first released iPhone, Nokia dominated the mass market for cell phones while Blackberry and Microsoft owned the smartphone segment. It obviously didn’t take long for Apple to take almost all of their market share and essentially put them both out of business. Apple is now the most valuable company in the world by a wide margin with no slowdown in sight.

In honor of the most revolutionary smartphone ever, SureCall put together a fantastic infographic of interesting facts about the iPhone for you to browse.

Some highlights in the infographic:

  • The one millionth iPhone was sold just 74 days after its release
  • In 2008 we got 3G and GPS
  • Along with the iPhone 4, came “Antennagate” and public outcry
  • iPhone 5 brought us the Lightning Connector
  • Most recently we’ve received plus sizes, seen “Bendgate” and they took away our beloved headphone jack

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Enjoy the infographic and Happy Birthday iPhone.

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