Windows 10 Trackpad Gestures For Power Users

A feature that has made Apple’s MacBook Pro so popular is the trackpad. Apple’s trackpad is always the standard when it comes to comparing PC touchpads. I still think the 2010 MacBook Pro has a better trackpad than many of the current PC laptops out on the market. However, the implementation of multi-finger gestures in Windows 10 has closed the gap between PC and Apple trackpads. Here is a list of all the gestures that can be performed in Windows 10.

One Finger Gestures

  • Select item: Tap touchpad with one finger.

Two Finger Gestures

  • Scroll: Slide up to scroll down. Slide down to scroll up.
  • Right-click: Tap touchpad with two fingers.
  • Zoom in or out: Pinch to zoom in and stretch to zoom out.

Three Finger Gestures

  • View all open windows: Slide up with three fingers.
  • Show desktop: Slide down with three fingers.
  • Switch between open windows: Slide three fingers to the left or right.
  • Open Cortana: Tap touchpad with three fingers.

Just make a note that your laptop will need to have a Precision Touchpad to perform these gestures. If you have a newer laptop, it will most likely have a Precision Touchpad. For a full list of laptops with the Precision Touchpads click here.

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