Kickstarter of the week: The Ultimate Modular Pack by Boundary

We love cool tech gear, and there’s a backpack by Boundary on Kickstarter that can keep it organized and safe while on the go. The Prima System crushed its goal of $60,000 with over 2k backers for funding well over $500,000. The Prima System is a modular backpack that is designed to help keep all of your gear safe, organized and protected. There’s only 11 days left remaining to get in on early pricing for the Prima System at $199. Let’s check out why this modular packing system is so cool.

Similar to other high-quality packs, the Prima System uses high-performance fabrics and storm proof zippers to 30L of items. It also has the basics such as compressions straps and reflective trim to make you more visible at night. But the modules are what makes this backpack unique.

The Verge case module can store delicate items like cameras and lenses while also doubling as a separate pack on its own. If the Verge is removed and worn separately, it frees up an additional 10L of space inside of the pack. This is also a nice feature to have for times when you don’t need to carry an entire backpack.

The Fieldspace module is a separate where you can pack your laptop. In this module is where you can also pack important papers, pens, pencils, tablets and charging cables. Using the Fieldspace keeps your bag organized and clean.

Best of all is the lifetime warranty that comes with the Prima System. This Kickstarter by Boundary will be created since the Prima System has already met its goal. You still have until June 23rd to get in on the action if you head on over to

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