Get a custom laser etched real wood skin from TOAST

I’ve seen hundreds of different cases, skins and covers as a person who writes about tech products. In a world of glass, metal and plastic no protective case or cover grabs my attention like a real wood skin from TOAST. It gives my phone a look that you won’t find with any other product, even with vinyl skins. TOAST is a company based in the US and employs 12 employees where they hand craft every custom skin that is ordered. Skins aren’t limited to just phones: tablets, computers, gaming consoles, smart assistants and even the Apple Pencil can all be covered with a TOAST real wood skin.

I’ve personally used skins from TOAST to cover my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Nexus 6P. The wood is about 1mm thick and covers every portion of the devices perfectly. The skins even smell like real wood – because they really are made from eco-friendly wood and bamboo. TOAST even donates a portion of its sales back to charity which is a rarity in third-party accessories because profit margins can be so tight.

Custom Laser Etched Skins

A favorite feature of mine is TOAST’s ability to give its customers a custom look through custom laser etching. You simply need to have an image file you want etched on your custom skin and TOAST designers will make sure it looks perfect before shipping it out to you. They can now even deliver selfies of real people on its skins.

I wouldn’t want my selfie on a skin, but I would love having my two nieces on it like the one in the image above. Simply upload your image file to your order and TOAST will create your order within a week. You can provide special instructions like removing certain objects from the image before custom etching it.

This is a great option for parents, and is a great idea as a Father’s Day gift too. Custom skins start at $59 which is reasonable considering each one is laid out, designed and etched by a real person in Portland, OR.

Learn more at TOAST.

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