How to set up your Amazon Echo to call your lost phone (set up takes one minute)

Record numbers of Americans are using their cell phones as their only device to make calls. They’re doing away with traditional landlines in favor of saving money and reducing spam callers. The downside to going cell only is when you lose your cell phone you have very limited options of calling your smartphone to locate it. Fortunately there’s a way to locate your smartphone for those of own a connected Amazon smart device.

Here’s how to enable the Cell Phone Finder skill through your Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap.

  1. Enable the skill from your Alexa app or by saying “Alexa, enable Cell Phone Finder”.
  2. Call +1 415-212-4525 (San Francisco) with the phone you want to register.
  3. Then say “Alexa, ask Cell Phone Finder what my pin code is”.
  4. The number you dialed will provide you with a pin code
  5. Tell Alexa what the pin code is and you’re good to go.

In order to locate your cell phone, simply say “Alexa, start Cell Phone Finder and call me.” Or you can say “Alexa, start Cell Phone Finder.” Alexa will ask you if you would like to be called and you simply have to say “yes”. Alexa will then have Cell Phone Finder call your phone for 20 seconds to help you locate it.

Unfortunately you can only register one number per Amazon account. If you want to enable a different number, just disable the skill and then re-enable it. Follow the instructions above and you have a different number set up.

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