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I don’t know about you, but I love wings. So much that I go through phases of the month where I will eat it three times over the course of a weekend. I live right by a Wingstop and it’s my go-to to get my wing fix. My usual routine will be to drive over, place my order, wait 20 minutes, get my wings, and finally head home. This entire endeavor takes about 30-40 minutes, which is a major first world problem for me. I hate sitting by myself and twiddling my thumbs waiting for my food because none of my friends share my passion for greasy, fast food.

Luckily, I decided to check if Wingstop had an app and lo and behold there it was in the App Store.

Price: Free

How to place your order

The Wingstop app is incredibly easy to use. Wingstop did a pretty great job of dummy-proofing the app and makes ordering wings a painless process.

When opening the app, you’ll be greeted with a picture of delicious looking boneless wings along with a start new order tab. The Wingstop app uses the location tracker of your phone or tablet to find the nearest Wingstop around your area. Make sure to choose the right location you want to pick up your order from. The details tab gives a useful summary of the business hours along with a phone number and map to give you directions to your chosen Wingstop.

Now let’s get on to ordering your meal. The menu will show various categories that will help you navigate to the right food item. You’ll be able to customize wings by the piece or order special combos that Wingstop provides. Choosing either option will give you a brief overview of what comes with the meal, the price, and the quantity. There are additional customizable options such as adding a dip, special cooking instructions, or adding a side. A convenient feature of this app is that it will show you the required sections you need to complete at the bottom so you don’t place an incomplete order.

A summary of your order will be shown before checking out. This summary will show you the estimated time time your order will be ready and the price of your complete order. There is also an “Add more items” tab for when your friend inevitably finds out you are ordering wings and wants to get in on the the action.

Why use the Wingstop app

It’s convenient and saves time. Time is precious especially when you are trying to cram six seasons of Game of Thrones before the seventh season. You can order from the comfort of your home and waste no time sitting and twiddling your thumbs at Wingstop. Just walk in, tell the cashier that you’re there to pick-up an order, and go about your merry way.

The benefit isn’t just for the lazy. If you work full-time than you know there are days when 30-40 minutes can’t be spared for lunch. This is why restaurants with apps such as Wingstop should be taken advantage of. It also makes placing a large order much easier. You’ve seen that one guy at Starbucks, furiously conversing with someone over the phone trying to get the correct order for five people. Save yourself the headache and just use the app instead.


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