Aukey USB-C Cable: A third party charging cable you can trust (review)

All Android phones are quickly making the switch to the fully reversible USB C standard. Not only is USB C reversible, but it can transfer data faster and more power than its predecessor, micro USB. Having manufacturers switch to USB C is a great thing, however you’re stuck replacing all of those cables. At your office, in your car or spares in your home, you simply need more cables.

Early in the development of USB C you saw quite a few faulty accessories that lead to damaged laptops and smartphones. Third-party manufacturers rushed to release charging cables, plugs and portable batteries in hopes of grabbing market share. While there are very few faulty cables, there’s some brands that are just worth sticking with. One of those brands is Aukey. It has been making accessories for several years, and is a major presence on Wireless headphones and speakers, chargers, batteries, cables, cameras, mounts and other accessories from Aukey all come with high user review ratings. It’s a brand many savvy shoppers choose to go with instead of paying double or triple from OEM manufacturers. It’s also a brand I turn to for my use as well.

I needed to add a couple extra USB C cables since I recently grabbed the Samsung Galaxy S8+ to use as my daily driver. I’m a smartphone power user which means I have to charge my Galaxy S8+ at work and on the road. I’m also a little paranoid about running out of power and like to keep my phone topped off if I’m ever by a power source. I turned to Aukey for spare USB C cables. The last thing I need is for a cheap cable to fry my $850 S8+, so I went with a brand I trust.

The Aukey USB C cable is available in two lengths: 3.3ft and 6.6ft. I grabbed a couple of each since the 3.3ft version costs just $6.99, and the 6.6ft version only a couple dollars more at $8.99. The Aukey cables are what you’d hope to get from manufacturers like Samsung and LG. They come with metal connectors and extra protection around the neck of the joints where cables break the most frequently. There’s even braided nylon that covers the cable itself to protect it from nicks, cuts and tearing. It’s one of the most durable cables you can get and it works across all of my USB C devices. That even includes my 12″ Macbook.

The Aukey USB C cable is one of the best third-party options you can buy. It’s even better than OEM cables which cost up to three times as much. The cable is compatible with all of the latest USB C devices and is built to last with metal connectors and braided nylon to protect the cable. If you’re in need of extra USB C cables, head on over to Amazon to get the Aukey USB C cable for yourself.


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