Kickstarter of the week: Travel smart with the PLIQO suit bag

Travelling can be difficult these days with airlines squeezing us into their airplanes as tightly as possible. There are some trips which don’t require much more than a carry-on, but even that space is getting tight. There’s a cool new bag called the PLIQO that’s designed to pack an entire suit into the size of a laptop bag. It’s perfect for fliers who prefer to wear something more comfortable on the plane, rather than wearing the suit in order to prevent wrinkles.

The PLIQO is compact, and folds your suit into its intelligently designed flaps making it no larger than a laptop bag. That’s important since the airlines don’t consider laptop bags as carry-on luggage, meaning it can be brought on as an additional item with no extra charge. When the PLIQO is fully open, it measures 125cm x 106cm making it perfect for suits or other formal wear that needs to stay wrinkle free.

The PLIQO bag is the brainchild of Patrick Tatham, who used his own travel experiences – and his network of frequent flying friends – to design a product that will make business travel and commuting more comfortable and convenient that ever before. “I want to be relaxed when I’m on the move, not worrying that I will appear in a crumpled suit at the start of my meetings. The PLIQO bag is the solution.”

There are even additional pockets on the outside of the bag where you can store personal items like keys, wallet, passport and smartphones. And the PLIQO also folds up small enough to fit inside of a backpack or carry on luggage if you have extra space.

You can save 25% off the retail price by signing up for the Kickstarter campaign where the PLIQO has already reached its goal of $45k.

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