Samsung Premium Care: The best insurance for your Galaxy S8/S8+

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are fantastic Android smartphones. Their Infinity Displays look spectacular – the screen rolls off the sides of the displays giving them one of the best screen-to-body ratios across all smartphones. However the mostly glass build lends itself to cracking if you happen to drop them. The S series smartphone has a starting price of $750, which means you’re probably planning on keeping it over the next two to three years.

I’m typically not an advocate for insurance plans since they can be pricey and sometimes cost as much as the phone itself. However the cost to repair the Galaxy S8/S8+ is so high (over $270 per side), that it might make sense for you to grab Samsung’s Premium Care. For $11.99 per month, you can access Samsung’s Premium Care which goes beyond the standard warranty. If you happen to break your S8 in an accident, there is a deductible fee of $99 per incident which is far cheaper than the cost to replace a broken display. With Premium Care, device replacements are shipped to you the next business day. There’s also a new in-person exchange service at designated locations to ensure you don’t go without your smartphone. You also get access to in-person customer support whenever you require assistance to learn more about the features and functions of your Galaxy S8.

Since Premium Care is sold as a monthly subscription, you can cancel it at anytime. This differs from Apple Care+ for the iPhone where you have to pay $129 up front and can’t return any portion of your unused extended warranty. The first month is free when you subscribe to Premium Care which makes the total cost $131.89. Over two years the cost is $275.77 which is the same price as it is to replace a broken display.

There are several other options for insurance when it comes to your Galaxy S8/S8+, but Samsung’s is probably the best since replacing the glass is no easy task. You’ll want Samsung to take care of your repairs to ensure you keep your current warranty valid, as well as keeping your devices waterproof after repairs.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung Premium Care: The best insurance for your Galaxy S8/S8+

  1. Your customer service is terrible. Can’t reach anyone, when you do they transfer you to the wrong number, disconnect you, I’ve made 4 calls today, repeated information every time.. it’s great to technically know how to fix a device, try putting some time into how you handle the customer experience please! My issue is still not resolved. I have an S8+ that will not power on.
    I have finally reached a rep that has some inter personal skills and am on hold for 4 minutes waiting to be transferred once again. This is ridiculous.. I need a phone that works and I need it right away, this is my personal and business lifeline. Please HELP!

  2. Read the fine print (all of which is NOT included here). I ordered my phone early in April. It finally shipped 4/20 and I received it on 4/28 (thanks for rushing it Samsung, NOT!). Thinking that my free month of Premium Care started on the day I received it, I called today to schedule the free appt with someone to come talk to me about the phone. Not that I need it but I thought I’d might as well if I’m going to pay for the service. Surprise surprise. The service contract begins the day the product is shipped, not the day you receive it. So my free month turned into a free 3 weeks. I cancelled immediately. Pretty under-handed business practices as far as I’m concerned.

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