Top 10: Technology gifts under $15

It can be challenging to find a decent gift for someone while on a tight budget. You don’t exactly want to buy cheap products that they’ll never use, but you don’t want to dig too far in your already shallow pocket. Fortunately, there is decent products for you if you look in the right place. That’s why deTeched has compiled a list of our top ten gifts under $15.


#1: AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag

You should seriously consider getting a laptop bag if you – or someone else – doesn’t already have one. Not only do they provide protection, they are also able to hold accessories and chargers. The AmazonBasics 15.6″ Bag is a perfect ft if you’re on a budget, it has a high quality build and the price will not gouge a hole in your pocket. The bag is also available in bigger and smaller variants.


#2: KMASHI 15,000mAh Battery Pack

No stranger to the market, KMASHI produces several notable items, this particular one being a nice battery pack. Battery packs are always a convenient thing to have lying around, especially if you live in an area that is more rural or enjoy outdoor trips. 15,000mAh is sufficient to charge modern smartphones about three to four times over. There are again different variants if you’re willing to adjust the price. This model comes with an output of 2A, plenty for all phones and tablets.


#3: CHARGED 4 Port Quick Charge Car Charger

This is a neat gift for someone like your grandparents or even your parents who probably don’t know that a car charger exists. Coming in with 4 ports and Quick Charging capabilities, the CHARGED car charger should be a breeze for anyone to use.


#4: CaliCase Universal Waterproof Floating Case

With beach season around the corner, it’s not a bad idea to gift the young ones with a protective, waterproof bag for their phone. The bag fits any phone, including phablets like the iPhone Plus series. As a bonus, the bag floats and one can also still take photos and videos while in the bag.


This convenient gadget has LEDs on a USB stick, meaning that it lights up quite brightly when plugged in. I have a few, and they are no schleep in providing ample lighting. The neat thing is that they are dirt cheap,  meaning you can hand them out en masse if need be. They can be bought from, click on the image below to view the link.

#6: AnyCast M2

Call it a ChromeCast clone, but this gadget is capable of relaying either your iOS, Android or Windows screen to your T.V. This is again something I’ve used,  and I really have no problems with it.

#7: Sabrent 4 Port Mini Portable USB 3.0 Hub

Sure, there’s many USB hubs out there – but coming in with a small design and affordable price, this one should certainly attract your attention. This is a particularly great gift for friends that are tech-savvy.


#8: Google Cardboard

The VR craze has certainly died down a bit, with many expensive options and setups now available to choose from. The Google Cardboard is a great gift for kids – they don’t mind the lower quality and would certainly marvel at VR with it if they’re never done it before.


#8: Mpow 3 in 1 Clip-On Lens

You’d be amazed at what a piece of glass or plastic can do to your camera. By putting a lense in front of your phone camera, you can easily upgrade your picture quality and even take macro shots without the need for professional equipment. These will make great gifts to anyone.

#9: Crystal Cube NFC Tags

NFC tags are great to have, even if your life isn’t heavily technologically connected. These small stickers can be stuck anywhere and, upon contact with your phone, will activate a predetermined action, perhaps switching off a light or sending a text message.

#10: TeckNet Wireless mouse

If someone recently got a new laptop or computer, you may want to gift them a with a wireless mouse. Not only are they more convenient to carry around, one can also work and manage things like a PowerPoint from afar.

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