Google Wallpapers: Make your display shine with high-resolution backgrounds directly from Google

You’ve got a smartphone or tablet with a beautiful display, but if you’re rocking a boring wallpaper, you can’t appreciate all of those pixels. Finding the right wallpapers can be a time-consuming task, which is why we try to gather as many as we can for you on a regular basis. And so is Google.

With the official Google Wallpapers app from the Google Play Store, you can swap the backgrounds on your Android smartphones and tablets with ease. Google pulls high-resolution images, perfect for any displays, from Google Earth, Google+, and others. Upon downloading and installation, you will be presented with a decent amount of wallpapers broken out into separate categories. Earth, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Life, Textures, Live Wallpapers and wallpapers from your device are all available on download. Each section has an option to download and install a new wallpaper daily, so if you like Textures, expect to see a new texture wallpaper on your device when you wake up in the morning.

It’s similar to the Chromecast which changes images as backgrounds on your TV when you’re not watching videos. There are over 100 wallpapers to choose from, and you can download or add your own to the app from your own device. That way you don’t have to sort through hundreds of photos on your smartphone in order to change your background.

Beyond the beautiful images, the real star of the app is its free price. There are dozens of wallpaper apps to download and install from the Google Play Store, but they’re usually loaded with tons of advertisements and links that ruin the experience. In true Google form, it has released another simple yet useful app in Google Wallpapers.

If you like changing the look of your device, I highly recommend you head on over to the Google Play Store and check out Google Wallpapers.

Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free
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