This app will round your screen corners like the G6 and S8

Your phone may begin to feel a little old once you see the next generation come out. There’s always a feature or three that you miss out on, and unfortunately it’s usually in the form of a hardware addition. Fortunately, the rounded screen we see on the S8 and G6 can actually be reproduced on your phone – without physically cutting it, of course.

By switching off the pixels in the corners, this app, called Rounded Corner, easily rounds the screen for you. I’ve used it, and it brings a whole new feel to the phone for some reason, and it also works great. Only the pixels in the extremities of the display are affected, meaning that it doesn’t affect the content being displayed.

You may need to check and grant extra permissions for the app to run in the background properly.

You can download the app below:

Rounded Corner
Rounded Corner
Developer: THSoftware
Price: Free+



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