Libratone ONE CLICK portable Bluetooth speaker (review)

Portable wireless speakers are one of the most popular accessories which is why there are hundreds of different ones to choose from, from cheap to mind-blowing expensive. It can be very difficult to truly assess each speaker, especially if you’re trying them out in huge stores such as Best Buy. That’s why you come to read reviews like this one, because if you’re going to drop cash money on something it better perform as expected.

We’ve got a mid-range speaker from Libratone, the ONE CLICK. It retails at $199.99 putting it in between the low-end speakers like the OontZ Angle 3, and high-end wireless speakers like those from Bang & Olufsen.

The ONE CLICK is Libratone’s current generation of portable speakers and it’s a pretty one. It certainly has a build style that is unique to Libratone where it has cloth material that protects the speaker, and it also has a silicone ring around the speaker that can be removed. The silicone ring keeps the internals safe from minor splashes or falls, but also allows for swapping of accessories like a clip for hanging or a strap for carrying.

It’s a smart design and if Libratone sticks with this style, I can see more accessories being released in the future. The ONE CLICK is a medium-sized speaker that is rectangular with drivers on the front and back with bass ports on the sides. It measures 4.7″ x 1.6″ x 8″ making it about the size of an average book.

I chose the Carribbean Green color, but it may not be for everyone. The ONE CLICK also comes in red, black and grey for those who prefer colors that are a bit more common. I chose the Carribbean Green mainly because it is different and stands out from the overcrowded speaker market. The green is bright and it makes it easy to see, which is nice since it reduces my chances of leaving it behind when I’m out and about. The ONE CLICK isn’t a light-weight speaker, but that’s a good thing if you sound quality is the most important factor in your decision-making process. Heavier speakers mean bigger batteries to power large drivers that can fill large rooms or be heard outdoors by pools. Having more powerful drivers also keeps the sound in balance when the volume is all the way up or playing at its lowest level.

The ONE CLICK certainly excels in the sound area with a balanced sound signature that reminds me of Bose speakers. The highs are extremely detailed, lows are full and punchy with the mids adding balance to give the sound signature richness that isn’t found in speakers in this price range. It gets loud too – loud enough to fill my 1000 sq. ft. lab space at work, and loud enough to hear comfortably while I picnic at the park. Having true 360 sound doesn’t seem like it could be possible with a rectangular speaker, but the ONE CLICK manages to create the full sound field with the same drivers on the front and back of it.

A nice and premium touch Libratone added to the ONE CLICK is its touch sensitive control with LED lights. The traditional +/-, play/pause, and Bluetooth connect buttons are missing, but are replaced with a circular touch panel that performs all of the same functions.

Simply tap the little bird and it will play/pause your music. When you hold down the singing bird, it will put the ONE CLICK into Bluetooth pairing mode, and the volume is controlled like a rotary dial.

With a premium build quality that is unique to Libratone, rich sound signature, 12-hour battery life and water resistance, most people would be happy with those features to make a purchase. However Libratone also includes an app to connect to the ONE CLICK where you can connect another for even more sound output. If you have room in the budget, I highly recommend you grab two ONE CLICKS. Having two ONE CLICK wireless speakers creates a sound signature that is designed to be listened to and not just heard in the background.

I do love the design of the ONE CLICK but can see the cloth material developing snags or gathering dirt over time. If you don’t take care of your accessories, this one might not be for you if you expect it to look the same as the day you bought it.

If you do take care of your stuff, and like premium sound, you won’t be disappointed with the ONE CLICK. It’s sound signature is on par with Bose, but gets quite a bit louder. Unique styling make it a unique speaker that have many of my friends asking to check it out every time they see it. Libratone did an excellent job with the ONE CLICK and I recommend you check one out for yourself.

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