How to enable your MLB.TV account on your Amazon Echo or Tap

If you’re a Major League Baseball fan you can listen to your favorite team’s radio broadcast with an Amazon Echo or Tap by using simple voice commands. It’s as easy as asking your Echo or Tap to “tell MLB to link my account” and your device will send instructions to your connected Alexa app on your Android or iOS device. You’ll be greeted with a message that says “Link Account” under At Bat. Simply click “Link Account” and sign in with your MLB.TV premium account and you can start listening to any games you’d like.

To listen to a game ask, “Alexa, open MLB” and Alexa will ask “what game would you like to listen to?” You can then respond with your team of choice and it will play that team’s broadcast.

You’ve probably noticed that I left out instructions on how to connect your Dot to your MLB.TV premium account because Amazon has issues with it. Amazon is currently working out bug fixes for the Dot and hopes it is addressed soon. I’ve tested the MLB radio broadcast skill on my Echo and Tap and can confirm it works perfectly.

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