A subscription to the New York Times is well worth the money

I’ve been exposed to how media outlets work after writing for a decently sized tech website for over two years, and it’s a dog eat dog kind of world. Getting your views generates revenue through paid advertisements, affiliate linking, sponsored posts and Adsense revenue. While tech gadgets are fun and exciting to write about, it always ate at me at how bad and amateurish tech websites can be. I frequently saw blatant plagiarism, idea theft, poor reviews and pushing of stories that qualify as fake news just to get your clicks. It was bad when I got into writing, and there is no slowing of it with each passing day. This is just with consumer technology products, which arguably have little importance to what goes on in the world on a daily basis.

After seeing just how bad it could be, I decided to start my own project with Luke and Jason with deteched.com. We get to write without the pressures of supporting ourselves; Jason is a full-time student, Luke is a biologist and I am a chemist by trade. We get to write what we have a true passion about, and we hope that is reflected in our stories. Most writers aren’t as fortunate as us where writing is a hobby, instead it is a means to pay the bills.

In a world where anyone can create their own websites and compete for your clicks, we’re seeing an overabundance of poor journalism that is misguiding in all facets of life. While it is nice to have high quality blogs to turn to for tech news, I choose to pay for a full subscription to the New York Times. I pay to access high quality stories that I trust are brought to me with the full intention to deliver a complete story about the topic of choice. If the story is about Donald Trump, I expect it to have sources to back up claims. If it’s an Op-Ed piece, I expect it to be well-written and opinionated with the intention of giving a different point of view. The last thing I expect from the New York Times is a story from an amateur writer being paid $3-4 per post (yes that is the going rate for each posts at some tech websites) just to increase odds of getting more readers. I get the best quality stories from the New York Times every single day.

High quality content with accurate information is why I pay $15 a month for the New York Times. I would pay for a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, but I read it for free at my place of work at lunch. The New York Times won three Pulitzer prizes for its work in 2016 validating its commitment to bringing you the full story, no matter the topic. It will dig up any information it can to expose political scandals, publish beautiful Op-Eds pieces like this one from Amy Krause Rosenthal, limit advertisements, and delivers it to me on paper, on the internet and to my Android or iOS devices through its apps.

In a world filled with fake news, I can always turn to the New York Times for the truth. The writers frequently update their stories throughout the day as they develop to ensure readers have all of the facts. Compelling news pieces, while not always pleasing to read are filled with comments from readers that are thought out and well written. It’s nice to see quality comments from readers give their thoughts rather than commenters on free news sites that make everything about hate and ugliness. It’s nice to see the money I pay to the New York Times be used to staff some of the best journalist from around the globe. It’s better than the so-called free websites that make money on click bait and fake news and reviews to generate affiliate income.

If you’re interested in high-quality journalism, I highly recommend a paid subscription to the New York Times. You can try it out free for two months if you sign up at its website here.

For the record, we occasionally use affiliate links, but our reviews are real. Some reviews are overly positive to trick readers into clicking links and buying the reviewed product which is very common at many tech websites. We don’t do that here since we want to earn your trust rather than your money.

Download the New York Times app for Android and iOS.

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