Spring cleaning tip of the day: Delete unused apps

According to data collected by statista, 23% of the apps we download are only used once. That means if you download four new apps, one will go unused on your phone or tablet and waste space you might need for music, photos or videos. Worse yet, unused apps can sometimes add unwanted strain on your battery life.

Not all apps are developed correctly on the first try and there are millions of them available in the Google Play Store and App Store. Thousands of new apps are published each month with no slow down in sight. Honoring spring time tradition, it’s time to spring clean your smartphones and tablets by deleting unused apps. While this is an obvious task many of us do on a regular basis, you’d be surprised to know that this is a task most people forget to do or put off until later.

If your smartphone has been laggy or has been suffering from poor battery life, deleting old apps might help alleviate those problems. Apps consume precious space on your mobile device’s memory. Deleting apps will free up all of that space you could use for other things. Apps also run in the background and send notifications which consume battery life. If an app isn’t optimized properly, it could be stuck in a loop that could be shaving off half of that stored power. So deleting those apps will free up space, improve performance and possibly increase battery life.

It’s a simple tip, more of a reminder, but try deleting a few of those apps and cleaning up your smartphones or tablets. It only takes a few minutes and makes a world of difference.

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