Catch every MLB game with an MLB TV subscription

America’s favorite sport, major league baseball, is back in full swing in its first full week of play. If you’re a fan or simply want the best way to keep track of your fantasy baseball players, a subscription to MLB TV is available so you can watch every out of market game of your favorite team. You can also listen to every broadcast of the games, no matter which market you’re in. This is perfect for those who have moved from their home cities where games are broadcast locally but not nationally. I live in San Diego and grew up in northern California where the San Francisco Giants have always been my team. I subscribe to MLB TV every year because my local broadcast always shows the Padres who I don’t want to see.

A subscription costs $112.99 if you pay for the entire year at once, which is a better deal than paying $24.99 per month unless you were to cancel early. The season goes from April through October, so a month-to-month subscription will work out to $175. If you simply want to follow your favorite team, you can save money and pay $87.49 for an entire year. These subscription packages will let you watch games on any devices that are compatible with MLB TV. You can watch games compatible devices from Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Roku and others making it one of the most universal applications around. Students and members of the military can save 35% off any subscription at the time of purchase.

If you want to watch or listen to every single game of the MLB season, head on over to MLB TV to learn more. We are working on our full app review now and will have it published within the next week.

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