The Infinity Display on the Samsung Galaxy S8 might not be its most impressive feature

Now that we’ve had a few days to digest the official release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, we have determined the best thing about them might not be their displays. While the Infinity Display is no doubt one of the Galaxy S8’s most impressive features, the Samsung DeX docking station might be even better.

Web browsing, document and photo editing, videos and texting are some of the most used features on our smartphones as well as home computers. Samsung revamped Android in its latest version of TouchWiz to use connected Bluetooth mice and keyboards for the Galaxy S8. By doing this, it allowed Samsung to create a docking station, called DeX, for the smartphone which allows it to connect to a monitor using HDMI. Pair a mouse and keyboard, and you have a workstation for home use eliminating the need for a light desktop, Chromebook or tablet.

The Samsung DeX allows owners of the Galaxy S8 to stay connected to their phones and even allows for calls or texts without having to undock. Right now, the DeX also allows for users to edit photos, create and edit documents, email, browse the web and watch movies. The DeX isn’t cheap at $149.99, but neither is the Galaxy S8 with a starting price of $750. The S8 runs the latest and most advanced processor available in an Android device in the US, the Snapdragon 835, so why not take advantage of its power with the DeX?

All you have to do is drop the S8 into the DeX dock, connect Bluetooth peripherals and you’ve got a full desktop experience.

You can pre-order the Samsung DeX and Amazon and Mobilefun.

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