All of the official Samsung Galaxy S8 wallpapers here

Only three more weeks until the most beautiful phone of 2017 is launched in the US, the Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s one of those phones that looks so good that you’re going to want to upgrade to it even if you don’t need it. The massive display is a first of its kind in the US – combine that with water resistance, wireless charging, Android 7.0 and a great camera and you have one irresistible phone. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the Galaxy S8, we feel your pain. However you can download all of the official Samsung Galaxy S8 wallpapers and load them to your displays to make your phone feel like the latest generation Galaxy. Head on to the gallery below and join the Google Photos album so you can swap the wallpapers out as often as you’d like.

If you pre-ordered the Galaxy S8, make sure to grab a case too. It might cost over $400 to fix the front and back glass if you crack them.

Google Photos Samsung Galaxy S8 official wallpapers gallery link.

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