Must have cases for the all new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

The all new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are without question some of the best looking devices to ever come to the shores of the US. Samsung arguably pushes design harder than any of its competitors. The Infinity Displays on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ manage to cram a massive display in a form factor that fits in one hand. Even if you don’t need a new phone, you’re going to want the S8 simply for its unparalleled design. If you decide to get the new S8 or S8+, you definitely need a case – fixing the glass on the front and back can cost over $200 per side resulting in a $400 fee! That pricing is based on last year’s cost to fix the S7 edge, but the price may go up considering the glass is so much bigger this year. You should definitely consider grabbing Samsung’s insurance for the phone on top of a case too.

A case goes a long way in protecting your device, and we are here to show you which ones you should consider from Caseology, Urban Armor Gear, CM4 and X Doria.

CM4 Q Card Case

Your smartphone, ID and a credit card is all you need throughout the day. Protective air cushioned corners absorb and disperse shocks away from phone. High-grip textured sides enhance grip to prevent slipping and drops. The Lay-Flat Screen Guard design provides ultimate screen protection and confidence of knowing you can safely lay your phone face down on flat surfaces without scratching the screen, while the Natural Throw buttons maintain tactile feedback with your Samsung phone. The innovative Credit Card Kickstand allows you to use a credit card or ID card to prop your phone into two viewing angles for convenient video watching on the go.

The Q Card case for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is available in Black Onyx for $24.99. The ultra-slim case includes a microfiber cleaning cloth and a lifetime warranty. Q Card Cases for Galaxy 8 and S8 Plus are available to order at and

Urban Armor Gear

Pathfinder Series Case for Samsung S8 & S8+

Available in: Black, White & Orange. MSRP: $34.95
Features composite construction with an armor shell and impact resistant soft core. Each case is equipped with scratch resistant skid pads and a screen surround for maximum device protection.

Plasma Series Case for Samsung S8 & S8+

Available in: Clear, Gray, Blue, & Yellow (all translucent). MSRP: $34.95 – $39.95
Features rugged composite construction with an armor shell and impact resistant soft core with integrated shock cushions. A featherlight translucent design complements the color of your device.

Metropolis Series Case for Samsung S8 & S8+

Available in: Black & Red. MSRP: $39.95
Features our tactile non-slip grip exterior and a soft felt-lined cover for complete 360-degree protection with storage for 1 card.

Monarch Series Case for Samsung S8 & S8+

Available in: Graphite. MSRP: $59.95
Features 2X Drop-Protection and a 10-year warranty. Handcrafted with top-grain leather, a polycarbonate shear plate, armor shell, alloy metal hardware, and impact-resistant rubber.

Learn more at


Caseology has always been one of my favorite brands for its case offerings. It manages to make slim, good-looking, and highly protective cases in multiple options at affordable prices.

Legion Line ($29.99)—a re-imagined version of the popular Titan line, the Legion family of cases boasts the ideal combination of durability and elegance, and remains one of Caseology’s most durable options. The slim build is reinforced with strong TPU and scratch-resistant polycarbonate. When paired with high-friction coating for extra-secure grip, the Legion case’s multiple shock-absorbent layers create an incredibly secure shell. Available in Black and Rose Gold.

Vault Line 1 ($21.99)—with micro-line texture and an extremely slim profile, the Vault line is the epitome of “rugged elegance”. Laser etching, a carbon fiber feel and TPU helps prevent accidental drops, yet protects smartphones in case they do take a spill. Available in Black.

Vault Line 2 ($21.99)—the latest variation of the incredibly popular Vault line, the Vault 2 features a pattern of diagonal lines, which creates a compelling look that’s sure to capture the eye. However, the three-dimensional laser-etched lines are not only for show, the texture also makes the Vault 2 slip-resistant. Built with the same strong TPU construction, this case will protect smartphones and look great while doing it. Available in Black and Cherry.

Parallax Line ($24.99)—as one of the most popular cases from Caseology, the Parallax line has been reimagined to perfectly fit the new Samsung S8 and S8+. With flexible TPU sleeves and polycarbonate, the Parallax cases incorporate three-dimensional moldings and soft coatings to provide a soft, comfortable grip. A trendy geometric configuration creates a sense of movement and flow. Available in Black and Cherry.

Coastline Line ($29.99)—completely new to the Caseology lineup, the Coastline portfolio is a minimalist’s dream. With a transparent anti-scratch acrylic back, translucent bumper and colored frame, this case appeals to users who want to let the natural beauty of the new Samsung smartphones shine, without compromising protection. Built with TPU and polycarbonate materials, this case can withstand the elements. Available in Fog Gray.

Fairmont Line ($24.99)—reviving Caseology’s original foray into smartphone cases, the Fairmont line is a resurrection of the sophisticated Envoy cases. Incorporating dual-layered TPU, fused with faux-leather and a polycarbonate frame, users have an elegant one-piece solution that exudes sophistication and provides sufficient drop protection. Available in Black and Cherry.


X-Doria’s Defense Lux for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ combines refined luxury and durability to create the ultimate protective case. Defense Lux features an improved, one-piece, simple snap-on construction, engineered with a soft inner rubber layer, impact resistant polycarbonate backing, and machined with an aluminum outer frame. The aluminum outer frame protects the perimeter of the Galaxy, while inside, the soft rubber wraps around the phone protecting it from up to 10’ (3m) drops on concrete, exceeding military drop test standards (MIL-STD-810G). For a sophisticated look, an additional back panel is added, available in Black Carbon Fiber, Black Leather, or Rosewood rear panel. Available for $34.99-39.99 on or for Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+.

Shield Image 1

The Defense Shield series merges polycarbonate, soft rubber and anodized aluminum to form the ultimate in protection for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. X-Doria utilizes machined metal as opposed to plastic to ensure its Defense Shield provides military-level drop protection that has been tested to survive 10’ (3m) drops on concrete, surpassing the MIL-STD-810G standards for protection. The back perimeter of the S8 is protected by machined aluminum while the edges are wrapped with soft rubber, ensuring the metal never touches the device. The screen is protected from surface scratches by a raised lip, and the rear is shielded by an improved & hardened clear polycarbonate, protecting the device without covering it up. The simple, one-piece, snap-on construction requires no tools for assembly. Available for $29.99 on or for Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+.

Clear Image 1 

Defense Clear is a see-through case, available for Samsung S8 and S8+, with triple layer shock protection, designed to actively deflect the force of drops away from the phone, while maintaining a lightweight and ultra-slim look. The protective case is engineered with two layers of shock absorbing rubber, including a scientifically proven DropShield™ edge lining that hardens on contact, for ultimate drop protection, exceeding MIL-STD-810G by protecting for drops from 10’ (3m). It has three styles of shock absorbing materials, which safeguards the back and main body of the phone for added protection. The Defense Clear is available in multiple colors including Black & White. Available for $24.99 on and for Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+.

For more information on X-Doria’s Samsung S8 and S8+ case collection, please visit or

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