Expect fake news about Samsung smartphones catching fire after the launch of the Galaxy S8

Samsung is set to officially release the all new S8 and S8+ tomorrow at 11am EST. It’s the biggest announcement of the year due to the S line’s unparalleled dominance for Android.

After switching to premium materials, metal and glass, a couple of years ago, Samsung is just about completely moving away from bezels this year. Samsung is also expected to eliminate the home button that takes up precious front display space. Even though these changes might seem minor to some, they are expected to lead the design path for Samsung wannabes. The S series always has top of the line specs: a best in class processor, memory, software features, display, camera and battery life. Having best in class design and internals make it the most exciting launch for all Android smartphones.

There’s always extra press coverage on Samsung, and there’s more pressure than ever on Samsung to deliver on a rockstar smartphone with the massive failure of the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung was forced to completely recall its stylus wielding Note 7 after it determined there were internal battery design flaws that could lead to product failure. The media ran wild with stories about that phone and it’s going to happen again, even if the stories aren’t true.

There’s a sad reality about the state of news these days, where writers are pumping out unverified stories ultimately creating fake news. Readers love drama, and there’s nothing more dramatic in the tech world than major flagship smartphones failing. It happens with Apple every year with the iPhone and it’s going to happen again with Samsung and the Galaxy S8. With the failure of the Note 7 just a few months behind us, the memories are still fresh enough to be on the minds of interested readers. Stories of the S8 catching fire are inevitable are going to power millions of readers to click on those stories which helps websites expose more readers to advertisements. More advertisements equals more revenue.

Be aware of the news trends when the S8 releases and make sure to check for verified sources and facts. If the story doesn’t have that information, there’s a good chance it’s not true. Don’t pass on the fake news as real news as real people are affected as a result.

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