The OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth is the best selling wireless speaker on Amazon (review)

With over 16k user reviews and an incredible 4.5/5 star rating, the Oontz Angle 3 wireless speaker is the number one selling device in an area crowded with thousands of competitors on Amazon. It has been the number one selling speaker for the past two years and it continues to dominate. The first and most obvious reason for its success is its price tag is only $27.99 at the time of writing. However there is much stiffer competition in 2017, so in a saturated market of low-priced speakers, how does the OontZ Angle 3 differentiate itself?

After spending a solid two weeks with the Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3, I’ve evaluated it for myself.

When it comes to sound, it certainly get loud. It gets louder than speakers five times more expensive, and surprisingly it doesn’t get distorted at maximum volume. It gets so loud it hurts my ears if I’m five feet or closer to it. The highs get piercingly loud which is great for people who like to listen to vocals, audiobooks or podcasts. The overall sound quality is above average, but not as rich and full as speakers in the same size category from Bose and Sony. At low volumes is when you start to hear quite a bit of sound quality issues – the bass disappears and the overall sound is a bit tinny. Higher priced speakers rarely run into this issue mainly because the internal hardware is better. When you factor in the price of just $27.99, it’s hard to justify spending an extra $170 on the Bose Soundlink Mini II for better audio quality. It also weighs twice as much and lacks any water resistance rating which means you probably won’t be using it for outdoor activities.

The sound is powered by two drivers and a passive subwoofer that fit into a very light-weight exterior made from metal and a rubber material. At 10 ounces, the Angle 3 is truly portable and is built to withstand minor abuse with an IPX5 rating. Powering the Angle 3 is a large 2200mAh battery that is rated to last 12 hours at two-thirds of maximum volume. In my experience, I frequently pushed 15 hours before it needed a recharge. I typically kept the volume level at 50% because it gets so loud which is important for a speaker that is used outdoors. I never had a problem hearing the music at the park and on hikes where it fit into the water bottle holder on my backpack. The overall build is nothing short of impressive. It has a full range of controls, from play/pause, volume up/down, dedicated Bluetooth and power, and microUSB for charging. There’s even an included mic for taking calls which performs quite well in situations with low background noise. With a metal grille, rubberized sides and a protective flap for the charging port, I can see this speaker lasting through a couple of years of solid use without issue.

At $27.99 the Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3 is one heck of a bargain and I fully understanding why it earns such high praise from Amazon reviewers. The value is better than what you’d get with anything else as you have a solid performing speaker that you won’t be afraid to use due to its durable construction. With all-day battery life and you have a top-selling speaker that isn’t going to be dethroned anytime soon. This speaker would be a great present for friends and family.


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