Pre-order the all new Apple iPad at Best Buy and get a $25 gift card

Apple’s all new iPad is up for pre-order on Friday at 8:01am PST. While you could order it directly from Apple, your best place to order from is most likely Best Buy. Not only do you earn points, if you’re a My Rewards member, but you will also get a free $25 gift card with a pre-order of the iPad from Best Buy. All of the options are available through Best Buy where you can grab the iPad in 32GB or 128GB WiFi and WiFi plus cellular models as well. If you bring in a working iPad Mini 2, Mini 3, Mini 4, Air, Air 2, or Pro, Best Buy is also guaranteeing a minimum of $150 in the form of a gift card which can be used towards the purchase of your new iPad. There’s an added benefit in ordering from Best Buy too; it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and does not charge restocking fees if you decide the iPad doesn’t meet your needs.

What truly sets this iPad apart is its price of just $329. There are many analysts who think Apple brought down the price of its ultra popular iPad line down in order to jumpstart the tablet industry again before the release of the next generation iPad Pro models. Other believe Apple has lost its ability to innovate and is capitalizing on old designs. Whatever the reason, the iPad is a solid purchase at $329 if you’re looking to play games, read books, browse the web or watch videos. It certainly is a better option than any Android tablet currently available, as apps aren’t optimized like they are for iOS tablets. Apple tablets also get major software updates every year where Android tablet users are left to suffer with bugs from fragmentation.

Head on over to to get your pre-order in on March 24th at 8:01am PST and get a free $25 gift card.

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