The best HiFi multiroom audio speakers of 2017

Wireless speakers and music streaming services have given us access to more of our music than ever. Sometimes a little portable speaker just doesn’t bring the same joy that your home audio system did when wires were required to listen to music. Luckily there is a major segment of wireless speakers for those of you who demand more of sound systems when you’re home. They are bigger, have more drivers and stream over WiFi instead of Bluetooth. Streaming music over WiFi instead of Bluetooth has its advantages; there’s more range and it can transfer 300X as much data, which translates into fuller, richer and more detailed sound that Bluetooth just can’t reproduce. WiFi also connects to multiple devices so you can listen to the same or different music all throughout your home. If you want to take your home audio experience to the next level, check out the WiFi streaming speakers below.

Sonos Play 5

Sonos is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to home audio and for good reason. It manages to create massive and detailed sound in the Play 5 which retails for $499. The Play 5 can be matched up with any of Sonos’ wireless speakers, and can playback music through Spotify, Google Play Music, TIDAL, Pandora and stored music.

Raumfeld Stereo M

I was introduced to Raumfeld at CES in 2015 and always recommend its audio lineup any chance I get. With an MSRP of $999 the Stereo M bookshelf speakers aren’t for the faint of heart. This pair of 3-way speakers is for those with larger homes, or for those who want to shake the walls while jamming out to ultra-detailed sound that can’t be crammed into a single enclosure. If you demand even more from your home audio, you could always go for the twin tower Stereo L speakers that are powered by a 400 watt amplifier.

Devialet Gold Phantom

Even the Museum of Modern Art can’t ignore the beauty of the Devialet Gold Phantom wireless speaker. It’s ridiculously powered for sound that can’t matched with an incredible 4500 watts. The Gold Phantom looks and sounds the part and its price tag of $2990 will keep it exclusive to the most discerning customer.

Martin Logan Crescendo

Martin Logan is a legend in the home audio industry. It’s always managed to blend the science of sound and art and it created another masterpiece with the Crescendo. It uses 24-bit 48kHz digital signal processing and a 100 watt class-D amplifier to deliver detailed sound with a large soundstage. It can connect through WiFi, Bluetooth, Optical, USB, Analog and direct through ethernet. Its price tag of $700 will seem reasonable once you hear it for yourself.

McIntosh Lab RS100

Another industry legend, McIntosh Labs created a beautiful sounding setup in the $1000 RS100. Up to 16 of these wireless speakers can be connected to the same network and controlled through any mobile device which will make anyone jealous of that uncompressed music. The RS100 is McIntosh Labs’ first entry into wireless speakers and is an example of how its engineering greatness.

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