EnerPlex Jumpr Pro: The most versatile portable battery for microUSB, Lightning and USB-C devices

It’s downright ridiculous how dependent we are on our smartphones. Add in other portable gadgets such as wireless headphones, smartwatches, tablets and other devices, and our need for portable power is more necessary now than ever. A day at the library, a business trip, or simple day out can result in using up all of your device’s power. With hundreds of portable batteries to choose from, how do you know which one is for you?

Capacity, physical size, output, compatibility, and build quality are all important features you should care about. The EnerPlex Jumpr Pro 6000mAh portable power bank is one of the most versatile you can get your hands on.

The Jumpr Pro is a 6000mAh portable battery with built-in microUSB and Lightning cables. The built-in cables make this battery much more convenient since you don’t have to bring along extra cables that you might lose or forget. There’s also a full sized USB A output slot included with the battery so you can charge newer USB C devices as well. With the ability to output power at 2.4A, you can charge iOS devices at full speed. MicroUSB devices won’t charge at ultra fast charging speeds, but they’ll charge more than fast enough for most users.

What makes the Jumpr Pro particularly nice is the 6000mAh size. There are many batteries that go overboard with too much capacity which make them heavy, thick and not really all that portable. Batteries that are too small aren’t versatile enough to make it through a weekend. At 6000mAh, the Jumpr Pro has enough capacity to recharge the iPhone 7 Plus (2900mAh battery) almost two full times. That’s enough juice to get you through a weekend without needing to recharge the battery. It’s the Goldilocks of batteries, it’s not too small or too big, it’s just right.

The Jumpr Pro measures in at 7.0″ x 3.7″ x 0.3″ which gives is a very nice feel due to its thin size. The built-in cables also fit perfectly into the sides making it tangle free. Having the option for microUSB and Lightning makes the battery ultra versatile for iPhone or iPad users who want to recharge their portable speakers, headphones or Apple Watches on the go. The USB A slot also makes it future proof in case manufacturers decide to add additional charging standards.

Included with the battery is a four light indicator so you can keep track of how much power you have remaining. The case is made from metal and is textured to give it a unique look that resists fingerprints. Overall I can’t ask for much more from a portable battery and EnerPlex has delivered a gem.

If you’d like to learn more about the EnerPlex Jumpr Pro, head on over to www.goenerplex.com.

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