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I had a revelation last month; offers better pricing and free one or two day shipping without a membership fee.

That was huge for me. I have been an Amazon Prime member for over a decade and think the world of Amazon. Not only has it saved me time, which is the most important thing in my life, but it has saved me money while automating my home with the Echo, Dot and Tap. I have Amazon Fire tablets and TV too. I buy just about everything I can from Amazon mainly because I have developed a trust that it offers great pricing with faster shipping speeds than ever. It even offers free music and videos too. Real user reviews are also awesome, since so many websites can’t be trusted with their interest in pushing products for the wrong reasons. The $99 Prime membership has been on auto-renew and for the past decade; I never even truly considered it an expense since Amazon has provided so much value to my life.

Until I came across a promotion on where I could save 30% on my first three orders. That deal has since passed, but nonetheless what I’ve learned with my experience from shopping at can save you money too. Right now, is offering 15% for the first three orders of new customers.

When I went to, I noticed it sold a huge list of items I frequently buy/bought from Amazon. The site even looks like Amazon. gives free two-day shipping on everyday essentials that fall into grocery, baby, paper, soaps, health and pet products as long as you meet the minimum order of $35. explains how it came up with the $35 order minimum on the homepage which is nice for transparency and makes sense too.

I was skeptical. There was no way could beat in pricing. But it did. And didn’t just save me a couple of dollars, it saved me well over $40 on two orders that didn’t include my 30% coupon. I checked pricing on paper towels, soups, protein bars, soaps, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, dog food, dog treats, snacks and more. In every single case, equalled or beat Amazon’s pricing and didn’t come with an additional $5.99 for Prime Pantry, which is what Amazon charges to ship many of its essential items. With, the more you order, the more you save. passes on savings to you since shipping more items at a time is more efficient and spreads the cost out. So the more you add to your cart, the more you will see the prices drop in your items list.

If you use a debit card, passes along even more savings since its fee is smaller than using a credit card.

After multiple orders, I can say that delivered on its promise of free two day shipping. Shipping speeds can vary based on where the products are coming from, so in some cases I had products arrive next day, where some took two to four days. On two of my orders, said the item was out of stock (beef jerky) and gave me a $5 credit I could stack on top of other coupon codes. It didn’t send it in a long code form either; the coupon for $5 was already applied to my account.

The only downsides to are the lack of user reviews and smaller catalog of items. I trust user reviews as they expose the flaws and benefits of every item I order. Returning products is usually more trouble than its worth, so getting the order right on the first try is my best option. Even though has a smaller catalog of items, it’s far from small. Amazon is just a place where you can buy anything. sells, electronics, home goods, clothing, appliances and many other things you’re probably interested in.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and disrupter, knows better than anyone that customer loyalty only goes as far as their wallets. As of right now, I’ll be ordering my essentials from until Amazon entices me back.

Here’s actual images from my shopping experience. pricing is listed as the first image in each comparison. Amazon Prime Pantry also requires a shipping fee of $5.99 and a membership fee of $99. While some might argue that I’m only savings a few cents here and there in the examples below, I ordered saved on every single item I ordered from Factor in the fast free shipping and same quality products, there is simply no reason for me to continue with ordering these items through Amazon.

belVita Breakfast Biscuits: Winner

Blue Diamond Sriracha almonds: Winner

Bounce Pure Sport dryer sheets: Winner (note size difference as Amazon did not offer smaller packaging)

four cents per sheet
11 cents per sheet

Method Dish Pump Sea Minerals: Winner

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Roasted Bison & Venison Dry Dog Food, 15 lb: Winner

About was founded by Marc Lore who was the brains behind Quidsi which created websites and He sold his company off to Amazon for $545 million and went on to create in 2014., an online retailer, was purchased in 2016 by Walmart for a whopping $3 billion to compete head to head with Amazon in the online business. As consumers shift from brick and mortar shops, having another major player compete with Amazon is good for the consumer wallet.

Head on over to if you would like to learn more.

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