OLED screen, new TouchID and facial recognition for iPhone 8?

Long time analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a reputation in the industry for leaking and predicting what the latest iPhones could bring to the table. His latest research indicates that Apple is working on a TouchID iteration that supports a bezel less design. This means that the TouchID sensor won’t have a dedicated place on the phone, like on the home button, but will likely sit beneath the screen itself. This corresponds with a recent Apple patent which hides the scanner under the screen.

Apple’s TouchID patent

Another new feature we should see is an OLED screen. OLED screens are arguably the best available, and Apple using one on the iPhone 8 would greatly improve its standing on the market. Whats more interesting, is that the panel may have the ability to flex slightly.

Mentioning an iPhone with a flexible OLED panel again, Ming-Chi Kuo claims Apple is placing a metal structure under the touch sensor to prevent the panel from deforming after prolonged use of the 3D Touch feature. This further hints at the possibility of a bendy phone.

And although he didn’t go into the facial recognition system in much detail, he reckons that Apple is planning on replacing TouchID with the face scanner in the future, although he insists that Apple has plans to combine the two in the meantime.

But until Apple actually announces the next generation of the iPhone, we’ll never know for sure what to expect. Keep in mind to take these predictions with a grain of salt, although they seem realistic.

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