LG P5 Flow portable speaker review

LG may be known for its televisions, smartphones, tablets, and large appliances but it also makes a wide variety of mobile accessories too. It makes a wide range of headphones and speakers that are designed to fit into your daily life no matter your needs.

I’m reviewing the LG P5 Flow Bluetooth speaker and think it’s a solid option for those who need portability and decent sound quality without over extending your budget.

The P5 Flow fits into the portable Bluetooth speaker category as it can easily fit into a purse, laptop bag or drink pocket in a backpack. It measures in at 6.02″ x 2.28″ x 2.34″ and weighs just over a pound. The speaker comes in five colors: Black, Green, Red, Orange, and White and is priced at $99.99 each. At this price it puts the speaker in between budget and higher end speakers, and certainly is a solid comprise of the two.

It’s made of a durable and matte plastic with metal grilles that cover the front facing dual channel speakers and passive radiator in the back. Once powered on, it takes no more than 10 seconds to pair to a device; laptop, tablet, smartphones (Android or iOS, TV, or other devices that connect through Bluetooth are all compatible with the P5. A nice and useful feature is the speaker’s ability to be paired to more than one device at a time so you don’t have to worry about switching between your devices. There are controls that sit on top of the speaker which control the power, volume, Bluetooth, pause and play. A rubber foot also keeps the speaker planted on smooth surfaces while also protecting it from scratches. The design is simple but refined.

Having a rectangular shape means you’re going to have to point it in the general direction of where you’re listening to it since it is a directional speaker. With that said, the dual drivers do produce a solid amount of volume from the 10W that power the device which is enough to fill a very large room. There is no sound distortion even at the loudest volume, with thumps of bass that can make a table vibrate through the passive radiator. The sound signature is far from audiophile grade, and I can’t think of a single Bluetooth speaker under $100 that meets that high standard. However the sound signature is balanced, full and rich and will please most users looking for a portable option. With as many speakers that I reviewed in the past, the P5’s sound is definitely a pleaser in the $100 price range.

The built-in battery is rated at 2100mAh and is more than enough to power the P5 for up to 15 hours without needing a recharge. After a solid month of using the P5, I found the battery life to meet expectations when listening to it at 50-70% of max volume.

The P5 is a great option for users who aren’t looking for complexity. It’s a simple Bluetooth accessory that is designed to last several uses without a recharge with quality sound and good looks. The P5 is certainly good enough to please most users and is a solid buy at $99.99. It’s the perfect companion for listening to music around the house, at a park or bringing along at the pool.

Learn more about the LG P5 Flow at LG.com.

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