E’NOD Audio Theia: Built to take a beating (review)

Affordable Bluetooth speakers are incredibly popular these days. It seems as if there are endless options to choose from when you are browsing through Amazon. I’ve noticed that portability usually comes at the cost of quality. I’ve tested out many ultra-portable wireless speakers only to have them end up sounding like hot garbage. E’NOD Audio has made me a believer that it is possible to combine high-quality sound with a super compact design. Let me introduce you to the Theia.


  • Bluetooth: V2.1 EDR
  • Range: 42-49 feet
  • Battery capacity 2200 mAh
  • Battery charge time: 3-4 hours
  • Music play time: 5-6 hours
  • Talk time: 8-9 hours
  • Product dimensions: 102 mm x 102 mm x 48.8 mm


  • Silicone Cord
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Carry pouch


The E’Nod Audio Theia has a square design that is a little larger than the palm of your hand. The outermost layer is made of silicone that ensures durability. E’NOD Audio claims that the Theia is unbreakable from a one-meter drop. I accidentally tested this by dropping this speaker from my bathroom counter. There was no sign that the speaker had been dropped at all. Hard ABS plastic surrounds the grill of the speaker, which houses a single 5W driver.

Controls are located on the top and left side of the speaker.  The power and pause/play buttons are at the top. The Bluetooth pairing is done by long-pressing the power button until you hear feedback audio. The volume rockers are on the side. Skipping and repeating a song is done by long-pressing the buttons as well.

In the right corner of the speaker is a loop where you can attach the silicone cord that comes with the package. This makes it convenient to wrap around your wrist if you don’t have a bag to carry it around in. The bottom of the speaker has a screw opening that allows you to mount the speaker to your bike.

The micro-USB port is located on the right side underneath a silicone flap. A unique aspect of the portable Bluetooth speaker is that it doubles as a power bank. The USB port is located right next to the charging port and lets you charge one of your devices.

The Theia is rated IPX7. The IP code is a measure of water resistance. IPX7 means that the Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and can be submerged in water up to 30 minutes.


I was surprised at the amount of bass that this compact speaker can put out. It’s not going to recreate a club-like environment of your favorite DJ, but it gets the job done. The waterproof feature eliminates the ability to add in bass ports, which allow for air movement to increase bass response. However, I had no qualms with the level of bass coming from hip-hop and EDM tracks. I love listening to bass-heavy tracks at work to get me pumped up while doing mundane bench work in the lab.

The mid-range on the Theia sounds very clear even at higher volumes. I’ve been listening to a lot of acoustic pop covers which I find relaxing. The vocals and guitar sounded great and did not get overpowered by the bass while increasing the volume.

The Theia can get really loud, which is what you want in a portable speaker. The durability and waterproof feature make this a great option for outdoor usage. It is absolutely imperative that the speaker gets loud enough to hear your music through louder outdoor conditions. I found this Bluetooth speaker to sound great indoors as well. I work in a lab which has countless machines running constantly. I’ve had problems with speakers in the past not being able to cut through the noisy surroundings. The Theia had no problem projecting the music so that all of my older co-workers had to suffer through my millennial EDM music.



While I used this primarily at work, I also used it plenty of times outdoors. I took the speaker with me on my recent trip to the Grand Canyon. This was the perfect opportunity to test the speaker out in harsher outdoor conditions. I am really glad that the Theia is waterproof because I accidentally dropped it in the river that our group was trekking through. The silicone lanyard that comes with the speaker was so clutch during our long five to six hour hikes. I don’t know why my friends think walking for that long is fun, but it was manageable thanks to some motivational music strapped to my backpack.

The hands-free option worked flawlessly. I am a huge fan of this option in Bluetooth speakers because I am incredibly lazy and hate to get up if my phone is out of reach. As a guy that will take the elevator to go up to the third floor of my apartment, I appreciate the functionality of this feature. I had an extended phone conversation with my mom using the hands-free option and she had no problem hearing me on her end.

I got around six hours of use, which is accurate to what E’NOD Audio claims. I was listening to my music on 50% volume most of the time. For me, I found this to be the optimal setting for listening to music. I was getting less battery life when I was charging my phone through the speaker’s power bank but that is expected.



If you are looking for a cheap wireless Bluetooth speaker, look no further. The E’NOD Theia is a great option coming in at $57.90 on Amazon and E’NOD Audio’s website. The durable, compact speaker is great to use outdoors due to its waterproof design. It is made to survive rougher conditions and can easily handle being dropped frequently. The portable design sacrifices absolutely nothing in terms of sound quality. Every genre that I put on the speaker sounded awesome. E’NOD Audio has always come out with quality products and the Theia is no exception.

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