Hulu adds 4K streaming to game consoles

Hulu is attempting to make moves to compete against rivals, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Hulu’s major advantage has always been the best selection of current shows uploaded 24 hours after airing. Hulu is now offering 4K streaming available only on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S. The requirements will be at least 13 Mb/s and a 4K television. Hulu is late to the display game, seeing as how Netflix and Amazon Prime have made this available for several years.

The options of 4K streaming are limited to Hulu Originals and 20 James Bond movies. This is great news for Bond fans, but somewhat disappointing to the rest of the people. Hopefully, Hulu will add more titles as soon as possible. It seems as if Hulu is falling even further behind with the addition of offline downloads offered by Hulu’s competitors.

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