Amazon is looking to dominate the competition with its next generation Echo

The battle for your smart home is fierce with Google entering the competition this year after the huge success of Amazon’s Echo lineup. While the Google Home is great for Android fans and has almost limitless potential, it is still two years behind in development when compared against Amazon’s Echo which has already sold an estimated five million units. Potential is fantastic in theory, but most consumers will go with an established product when it comes to their wallets.

It’s rumored that Amazon is working on its next generation Echo which will also have a built-in display with high-quality speakers for audio enthusiasts. Having a display gives customers one more option in a wide lineup of smart speakers. It also allows for consumers to access content in other ways than simply using their voices. For Amazon Prime members, this is a huge benefit as they can access videos, music and even the online store from their smart hub. While it sounds like it will be a tablet, which it might be, it will be a smart device first aimed at doing everything from playing music, checking the weather and controlling your smart home devices.

With such a large and established user base, Amazon’s partners don’t have to play catch up like they do with the Google Home. The next generation device will sit along side Amazon’s Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, Fire tablets, and Fire TV. For a company who failed at smartphones, Amazon is proving it owns the home and Google is no competition.

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