J&L-07 Outdoor Sport Wireless Speaker: Big sound in little package (review)

I really like J&L Real products. The J&L Real-103 headphones are my go-to Bluetooth headphones for the gym. I’ve tried a ton of Bluetooth headphones but always fall back to using the J&L103. I find the headphones to be aesthetically pleasing with great sound. Additionally, they don’t fall out of my ears, which is a huge plus because I gravitate towards explosive movements like the clean and jerk.

J&L offers inexpensive alternatives to headphones and speakers that I’ve found to always exceed expectations. The J&L-07 Outdoor Sport Wireless Speaker is a cheap option for those seeking a portable speaker that can be used indoors and outside.



  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0
  • 3.5mm Aux-In
  • Size: 82.1 mm x 51.5 mm x 51.5 mm
  • Weight: 195 grams
  • Play Time: 5-6 hours
  • Charge Time: 2-3 hours
  • Standby Time: 24o hours

The J&L-107 speaker comes with a USB charging cable, a 3.5mm auxiliary cable, and a user manual.


The portable speaker comes in two different color options: orange and black. The build is a rectangular design with sharp edges and corners. The body is made of a silicone material with circular cutouts for the grill. The grill houses a single 3W driver. The circular cutouts are on both sides of the speaker despite the single driver.


The interface includes only four buttons: power, skip, repeat, and pause/play. The play, skip, and repeat buttons are raised and found on the same side as the driver. Long-pressing the home button will allow the Bluetooth pairing to begin. A blinking red light will appear next to the power button to indicate it is ready to pair. The volume can also be adjusted by long-pressing the skip and repeat button.

There is a silicone flap that covers the micro-USB charging port and 3.5 mm auxiliary port. This is handy for older devices that do not feature Bluetooth capability.


In the corner of the J&L-7 speaker is a silicone lanyard, which can be used to hang in various locations.

The J&L-07 is IPX5 rated which means that it is water-resistant and not waterproof. The IPX system is a measure of liquid protection. An IPX5 rating will allow the speaker to withstand water being sprayed on it but will not protect from being fully submerged. This allows the speaker to be a great option for outside even if it is raining.



This is a really small speaker, which in turn houses a small, single 3W driver. This is not the speaker to get if you are expecting head-thumping bass. For the price, I am perfectly content with the level of bass that is emitted. You can feel the J&L-07 vibrating in your hand in bass-heavy songs. At higher volumes, the bass tends to taper back.

The middle range is where this speaker truly shines. Vocals were crisp and maintained clarity at higher volumes. The emphasis on the mid-range makes this a great option for the average consumer who is not an audiophile. However, the mid-range can overpower the highs and lows at higher volumes.

The best thing about this speaker is how loud it can get. The first time I tried this Bluetooth speaker was in the lab at my work. The tissue culture room is a noisy environment due to the air flow from the hood. The J&L-07 had no problem cutting through the noise and I had no problem hearing the music. This was only on 50% volume.




I took this speaker home for Thanksgiving break as means of listening to music in my room. I actually woke up one day to loud music coming from downstairs. My dad had gotten a hold of my speaker and was playing Josh Groban at 7 am. The funniest part was that he was hanging it up on a mirror and dancing to the music. There is nothing like waking up to You Raise Me Up for the past four mornings. Like I said, this speaker can get uncomfortably loud. The music can get a bit crackly at the highest volume. I found the optimal volume for me was around 50% because louder music tends to give me a headache.

The hands-free option worked well. I used this option frequently because I am lazy and cannot ever seem to find my phone when someone calls me. The play button will answer a call and I had no problem hearing my mom when she called me. She did mention that she heard an echo on her end, which seems to be a common problem for cheaper Bluetooth speakers.

The battery life lasted around seven hours for me. Like I previously mentioned, I used the J&L-07 at 50% volume. The charge time was right around two hours from 25% to 100%. The battery life of the Bluetooth speaker shows up on my iPhone, which is convenient because there is no indicator on the speaker itself.

There was only one annoyance with this device. The volume can only be adjusted by long pressing the + and – rocker. It is difficult to change the volume one bar at a time. However, this is a minor annoyance which can be easily overcome by using your phone’s volume rocker instead.


The J&L-07 Outdoor Sport Wireless Speaker is priced at only $19.99 on the J&L Real website.  The highlight of this speaker is its ability to get super loud for how small it is. The water-resistant silicone body combined with its portable size makes it a great speaker to take outside. The rubber body allows the speaker to handle drops and the harsher outdoor environment. This is a fun little speaker that will surprise you with its presence in any room.

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