The best web browser you’re not using: Adblock Browser for Android

Advertisements are a way of life. They’re on TV, in magazines, in newspapers, and just about everywhere you look. Advertisements are a way for companies to encourage customers to buy products, services, or ideas. They’re so deeply rooted in our society that sometimes we don’t even know that we are being advertised to. However, there are more times than not that advertisements are annoying and simply get in the way.

For those of you who know just how awesome DVRs are for television, there’s an app for blocking annoying ads on your smartphone too. It’s called Adblock Browser for Android, and it’s brought to you by the developers from Eyeo GmbH.

Head on over to the Google Play Store to download the browser for free. Simply install it on your phone or tablet like you would any other app. It’s a web browser similar to what you would use in Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Instead of allowing annoying ads which cause accidental clicks or get in the way of the content you’re trying to see, the Adblock Browser eliminates all advertisements that are installed through plug ins. It won’t block sponsored posts that are published the same as news reports. That’s what companies like Facebook and Google are starting to fight.


It will do away with ads like the one shown in the image above.

Almost all sites on the web rely on advertisements as a source of income to support the content its writers generate. But too many sites bombard its readers with too many intrusive ads that make for an awful experience. For sites that are responsible with advertisements, and for users who still prefer to see a few selective ads, the developers behind the Adblock Browser offer a feature to enable them.


Similar to other web browsers, the Adblock Browser allows you to select from several search providers. It defaults to DuckDuckGo, but if you go to the settings menu, you can activate Google as your main search provider.


The Adblock Browser offers a nice user interface that’s not unfamiliar to anything else you might have used before on a mobile device. It is slightly slower than Chrome, but without ads, it provides a much nicer user experience.

Checkout the Adblock Browser at the Google Play Store.

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