Save big on books, movies, comics, TV shows and apps at the Google Play Store during Cyber Week

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest days to save money on electronics and digital content. For Android users, Google is having a huge sale at the Google Play Store on just about everything you can think of. For movie lovers, it is offering 50% off a single movie purchase from select titles. Finding Dory, Harry Potter the complete collection, Home Alone, Jurassic World, and Beauty and the Beast are all perfect for family gatherings this holiday season. It doesn’t end there with dozens of other titles up for grabs.

There something for everyone. Book lovers can stock up by clicking here and comic book fans can go here.


There are quite a few gaming titles on sale for Android devices too. Here are some of the highlights:

Highlights of TV seasons on sale:

Head on over to the Google Play Store to take advantage of big time savings. There’s just about something for everyone so enjoy!

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