I’ve always had a passion for technology. I have fond memories of my Motorola Droid constantly beeping “DROID, DROID, DROID”. If you ask my friends they’ll tell you that I’m obsessed with electronic devices. I have a custom-built desktop, an iPad, a Surface Book, and an iPhone, all of which are all used regularly. It’s taking every fiber of my being not to buy the new Macbook Pro. I love my Surface Book, but I personally believe that the Macbook Pro is the best laptop I have ever used. I have never used a touchpad that is of the same caliber as the Macbook Pro. There always seems to be some latency on every PC touchpad that I have personally used. The integration with iMessaging is the single biggest reason why I continue to choose Apple products to this day.

Despite sounding like an Apple fanboy, there are many qualities about Android and PC’s that I prefer as well. I would rather use Windows operating system and you would never catch me using Pages or Numbers. My favorite phone I’ve ever had was the Blackberry Bold. RIP BBM. I tried getting my friends to use BBM messaging app, which needless to say did not become a thing.

What I’m trying to say is that a tech site shouldn’t be limited to just Android or Apple. Technology should be used in a way to maximize productivity without making your life difficult. Some people like the customizability that Android provides, while others like the simplicity of Apple products. This diversity is the key reason why deTeched will focus on the readers, rather than the products.

The name deTeched came to fruition at a brewery in North Park. If you’ve ever tried finding a domain name, you know that it is no easy feat. Thanks to the help of good friends and good beer, we came up with deTeched. Shout-outs to Rishi, Grant, and Andrew. As you can tell, deTeched is a play on the word “detect”. Detect means to discover, which is what we hope to do with new technology and provide insight to our readers. Our website may change in appearance over the coming months but the focus will always be on the readers.

deTeched. Where the reader comes first.

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