Amazon has the best car TV show ever with The Grand Tour

The world’s most famous trio of car enthusiasts became available for hire early last year when Jeremy Clarkson decided to punch his producer on the set of Top Gear.  Top Gear was a BBC network produced show that starred Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May who evaluated cars from around the globe. From Pintos to Lamborghinis, they had all of the cars covered over the past 15 years spanning over 20 seasons of episodes. The show received acclaim for its stunning visuals and entertaining banter and was even entertaining to non car enthusiasts.

After Clarkson punched his producer, he was let go and the show was cancelled. That left the three TV stars available for hire and Amazon picked them up to create its own content. The Grand Tour is a car show eerily similar to Top Gear and that’s a good thing. While Top Gear continued on with a new set of hosts, that show has received nothing but negative ratings. Clarkson, May and Hammond picked up where they left off and improved upon Top Gear making it the best car TV show ever, after one episode, the Holy Trinity.


Instead of releasing all of the videos at one time, Amazon has opted to follow a traditional TV schedule of posting one show per week. Luckily those of you who have Amazon Prime can watch for free.

The show is worth the Prime membership alone at $99 per year. With your Prime membership you will also get free two-day shipping, access to Amazon Music, and Amazon Cloud services too.

Head on over to Amazon to check out The Grand Tour. You won’t be disappointed.


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